Welcome to Dave Miller Country, the official website of Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Riverbank Philosopher Dave Miller. Dave Miller's musical style covers Country, Folk, Americana, and something he likes to call Riverbank Soul. Pull up a chair, listen to some music, and stay a while. 

"I have always lived close to a river - the Arkansas, the Mississippi, the Rio Grande. That essence of that ever-changing flow of water is really an elemental force in my life. My wedding ceremony was performed on the riverside. I love to fish especially in the cold clear water for trout. For some reason, I would much rather be standing by a river and looking up at the beautiful mountains or hills than to be on top of a mountain looking down on a river. I guess that makes me a 'valley-billy' instead of a hillbilly."

Dave Miller has been playing music, performing, and writing songs for 5 decades. He has played in taverns, dance halls, concert venues, festivals, showcases, and coffee houses from coast to coast across the United States and in British Columbia.

Dave Miller began playing music at age 13 when his mother bought him a five-string banjo for Christmas the year his father passed away. Dave would tune it up and play along with the country and bluegrass stars who performed on the Saturday afternoon music shows. He sometimes jokes that it was the great Earl Scruggs himself who taught Dave to play the banjo—Dave sitting on his sofa in Little Rock, Arkansas, Earl in the television studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Dave joined his first band, The 49ers, shortly thereafter in 1964 at the age of 14. Over time, Levon Helm, Merle Haggard, Delbert McClinton, Guy Clark, and John Prine all came to influence him.








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Peter Read, (About the Southern Dreams CD)

“This CD arrived out of nowhere, and it has been a favorite of this office ever since. It basically is relaxed sweet country music, delivered by the humble voice of Dave Miller. “The musicians are all experts in their fields, including Don Richmond on acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin, pedal steel, organ, mandolin and dobro; Rob Bosdorf, electric guitar and vocal harmonies; Charley Johnson, bass, and Jim Turnbull on drums. “If I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be Counting on Love , obviously written for his true love partner. It’s difficult to pick a favorite, though, because this record is a collection of fine songs. It is, correctly, a fine collection of tunes, which any good album should be.”

Don Richmond, owner of Howling Dog Records

“Dave Miller has returned to music with a splash, with this solo offering featuring his twinkling wit and warm insights into life and love. Dave has traveled the North American continent, enchanting and entertaining audiences everywhere with his ready wit and warm expression of a kind of Ozark-bred joy and wonder. He spent a few decades achieving great success in business and personal development, but the music never left, as is usually the case when it comes from the heart and soul.” “He’s been saving it up, and fortunately for all his listeners and fans, it’s all coming out, both with his previous release of “Just Flow”, his heartfelt tribute to his dear friend and bandmate Pat Hooper, and in this solo release (Southern Dreams), which I co-produced. It has the blend, width and depth that his fans love, and more -- featuring both an acoustic back porch vibe and driving electric guitars.”


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